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Now, thanks to recent advances in digital imaging technology, we are able to offer wall-sized, photo-realistic scenes for use in your haunted attraction or home haunt. These photographs are printed on sturdy 13 oz vinyl banners, ensuring years of usage for each scene. (Click on "Vinyl Media" for more details) Each photograph neatly fits into a 5 inch square cardboard container that is 8 feet in length, making off-season storage convenient and simple.

These Haunted Scenes are perfect for both the home and professional haunter. For home attractions, they offer an inexpensive way to present classic horror scenes. You save on materials, props, and construction costs yet get the same quality visual effects. And for both the home and professional haunter, they offer a level of realism never before possible. A cemetery scene of Styrofoam tombstones with a plain black background transforms into a panoramic view with the addition of a photograph of a real graveyard as a backdrop. It makes your haunt seem larger, providing a depth of field to your rooms. Place a cemetery photograph behind a window or French door and you can create the illusion of creepy woods, a cemetery or mausoleum right outside your room.

These easily displayed vinyl banners are available with or without metal grommets. They can be hung on a wall or attached to framing in minutes, and they are easily taken down and stored at the end of the season. They have been photographed in full light in order to allow you to determine the level of brightness of your scene yourself through the use of lighting techniques in your haunt. It has been assumed that none of these will be displayed in a fully lighted setting. If a darker version of a scene is required, a special request can be made. Just remember, in a dimly lighted room a dark photograph will become difficult to see.

There are many ways in which these scenes can be used. For example, the creepy woods can be hung on framing to create a "walk through the woods", with the path trailing off in the far distance, providing a more interesting illusion than plain black walls. Or, you can create an entire gothic room using our Mansion Study set of backdrops.

We are also pleased to offer Stuart Smith original 3D scenes in our collection. Thanks to an exclusive arrangement with the renowned 3D artist, we can offer outstanding examples of his work at an affordable price. Until now, Stuart Smith 3D art has generally only been available by having the artist personally come to your haunt and paint on-site. Now you can order individual scenes and we carry enough Horror Clown and Toxic Factory scenes to create whole rooms with those motifs. These Stuart Smith licensed 3D panels are not printed using dayglo inks. They do not react to blacklight. They are 3D using regular light using Chroma-depth 3D glasses. In fact, the 3D effect can be viewed by wearing chroma-depth 3D glasses and looking at the image of the scenes on your computer monitor. What you see on your computer is essentially what they look like in person. We will be adding more Stuart Smith 3D scenes in the near future.

If you have any questions regarding our products, please click on "Contact Us"at the top of the page. Also, if you have any special needs or requests let us know and we will attempt to accommodate them.